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A “Meeting“ in MinuteMe is essentially a folder for all instances of a meeting you have around a task/topic/event/project. We call the instances of a meeting an occurrence.

Meetings are created and accessed via the My meetings dashboard which is accessible from the left navigation menu.

The meeting can have a regular meeting schedule (e.g. every Monday at 2:30pm), an ad-hoc meeting schedule, or a combination of both.

Meetings are represented as blue tabs in MinuteMe.

Key Features

The key features of the Meeting details page are highlighted in the picture below.

Key features of the Meeting detail page


Meeting tab - indicated with blue colour.


Meeting information - Contains Meeting title, Starred button, schedule, category and regular attendees and the meeting’s action menu for editing the meeting details.

Tip: If you have Admin permission level you can change the meeting title, date of the schedule, and attendees using the Action menu.


Today’s Meetings - Shows meetings that are scheduled today.


Upcoming Meetings - Shows future meetings.


Past Meetings - Shows the meetings from prior to today.


Meeting Contents - shows the counts of attendees and action items and documents.


Next occurrence - shows the next (or current) occurrence.

Tip: More detailed information can be found in the Meeting details help guide.