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An “Occurrence“ in MinuteMe is an instance of a meeting. It may be a scheduled discussion, or an ad-hoc discussion, but typically involves people getting together in-person or virtually, to discuss something at a particular date and time.

Occurrences are where you will spend the majority of your time entering data in MinuteMe - this is where the minutes and action items are added, and where you can make your private notes.

Recent occurrences are typically accessed via the SCHEDULE section on the My meetings dashboard which is accessible from the left navigation menu. Alternatively, all occurrences of a meeting can be accessed via the related Meeting, which is also accessible from the My meetings dashboard.

Occurrences are automatically created by MinuteMe based on the recurrence schedule defined in the meeting. Unscheduled / ad-hoc occurrences are created via the Create new meeting occurrence link on the right-hand side of the Meeting details page. It is possible (and expected) that you would have a meeting with a recurring schedule, and additionally have unscheduled / ad-hoc occurrences for the same meeting.

Occurrences are represented as green tabs in MinuteMe.

Key Features

The key features of an occurrence are highlighted in the picture below.



Occurrence tab - indicated with green colour.


The date the occurrence is held. The label above the date will show you the status of your occurrence.


A link that opens up the associated meeting in a separate MinuteMe tab.


Displays name, time and location of this Occurrence. Click the settings icon to edit the occurrence details.

Tip: If you have Admin permission level you can change the occurrence title, date/time and attendees using the settings icon.


Shows all invited attendees and whether attended the meeting or not - click a user’s avatar to change their attendance.


List of discussion topics. Click the box to mark a topic as “complete” or “discussed”.

Blue : Regular agenda topics that are copied from the meeting’s agenda template.
Green : Topics added for this specific occurrence, added via the occurrence page or Next occurrence panel in meeting page.


Archive the occurrence if not held.


Send an agenda via email, create a PDF copy of the minutes for printing, or Create a PDF copy of the minutes and send via email.


Add your own private notes.


Review action items from previous meetings.

Tip: Click the text next to View by to group the action items by “Status” or “Assignee”.


See other users who are viewing this occurrence right now.

Tip: More detailed information can be found in the Occurrence details help guide.