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Workspaces are a grouping of meetings that are owned by a specific group/team/organization. The workspace can simplify the meeting acceptance process, and help you to group and administer meetings within your organization.

Every user has their own personal workspace, and you can create as many other workspaces you like, depending on the groups/teams/organizations you work in:

  • For a smaller business or a community group, you may just have a single workspace for your whole team.
  • For a larger business or enterprise, you may create a workspace for a specific project, team or department.

How to get to the Manage workspaces page

Access the Manage workspaces page from your user avatar on the left vertical menu:

manage workspace from profile options menu

The workspace dashboard or Manage workspaces page is displayed:

workspace dashboard showing multiple workspace

Then click on a workspace name in the left panel, or a workspace card in the right panel to open the Workspace detail page:

workspace detail page showing the list of trusted email domains and team members

Creating a workspace

To create your workspace:

  • Go to the Manage workspace page.

  • Type your workspace name in +Add workspace and press enter.
    You can change your workspace name anytime via workspace details page.

    create workspace page

  • Add a new member by typing their name or email address. If they do not appear in the list, type their email address and press enter.
    Team members in workspace

Read more about adding team members in the Manage team members section in this help guide.

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Manage team members

Users who are invited to meetings in the workspace, by meeting admins, will be automatically added to the workspace.

Additonally, workspace members and their membership levels can be managed in the team members section of the Workspace details page.

Workspace permissions are different to meeting permissions. In summary:

  • Workspace permissions determine who can create meetings in the workspace, remove users from the workspace, and access workspace settings. They are administered on the Manage workspaces page, as described in this section.
  • Meeting permissions determine who can view/edit/administer a series/meeting in a workspace. They are administered for a series or for a meeting via the Meeting details page.

Update workspace membership levels

Workspace membership levels are updated by a workspace admin or owner, via the Manage workspaces page.

Highlight workspace membership level

For more information on on the membership levels, refer to the Workspace permissions section of the permissions help guide.

Removing team members

Removing a team member from the workspace will remove their access to all meetings they have access to in the workspace.

remove member popup

Tip: If you are not an owner/admin of the workspace and you would no longer like to be involved with the workspace, refer to the leave workspace section in this guide.

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Trusted email domains

Adding trusted email domains allows your team members to automatically be joined to the workspace without having to accept an invitation. You should only consider adding email domains that you own, and are related to your group/team/organization.

Users added to the workspace - or invited to meetings in the workspace - whose email address is not a trusted email domain, will receive an invitation to join the workspace. They must accept this invitation before they will be granted access to the meetings they have been added to.

Email domains

If you add the email domain of your own email address, it will be accepted automatically. If you add a different email domain, it must be verified by MinuteMe before it can be used. In this case, please contact us via the support bubble to process the validation.

Once you succeed with the verification process, the @ will become green.

Tip: You cannot add public email service domains (such as gmail.com, outlook.com, hotmail.com) as a trusted email domain.

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Shared workspace

If you are added to a meeting from someone else’s Personal workspace, you’ll see this meeting in the Shared with me section in the left panel on the Schedule dashboard and Series dashboard.
shared with category in series dashboard

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Move series to other workspace

A series (or one-off) can be moved to another workspace by a user who has admin access to the series. They can move the series from/to a workspace for which they have member, admin or owner membership level.

Read more in the move series to other workspace section of the series help guide.

Leave workspace

If you are no longer part of the team whose meetings are in a workspace you have access to, you can leave the workspace via the Leave workspace button in the top right corner of the Manage workspaces page.

move series to workspace modal

You cannot leave your Personal workspace.

Once you leave the workspace you will no longer have any access to meetings in the workspace, nor receive any further correspondence for this workspace, unless you are invited to a new meeting, or re-invited to an old meeting in the workspace.

Tip: If you are an owner of the workspace, the Leave workspace option is only available if there is another active owner in the workspace. The Leave workspace option is in the action menuaction menu iconnext to the workspace name.

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Deleting a workspace

Deleting a workspace is only possible for a workspace owner, and is performed via the Delete option in the action menuaction menu iconnext to the workspace name on the Workspace detail page.
options menu in workspace details page

You cannot delete your Personal workspace.

A workspace can only be deleted if it has no series/meetings in it. Series/meetings cannot be deleted in MinuteMe, so any series/meetings would need to be moved to another workspace before the workspace can be deleted. Read more in the move series to other workspace section of the series help guide.

If you are a team member of a workspace, and no longer wish to have any visibility of the workspace, refer to the Leave workspace section in this help guide.

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