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My meetings

A “Meeting” in MinuteMe is essentially a folder for all instances of a meeting you have around a task/topic/event/project.

On this page we describe:
  1. The My meetings dashboard
  2. Categories


The My meetings dashboard, accessible from the left navigation menu, allows you to view all meetings in their specified Categories. It also lets you view the meeting occurrences you have for today, and for the recent past and upcoming days.

From here you can create a new meeting using the Add a new Meeting button. If you choose the Add a new Meeting button inside one of your Categories, we will just automatically choose that category for - you can of course change it.


Click on one of the Meetings to open up the Meeting details page in a new blue tab.


Meetings can be “starred”, creating a special starred category at the top of your My meetings dashboard. This is just for making them easily accessible at the top of the page when you have lots of meetings.

Starred meeting

Tip: Meetings that have been archived are not displayed in this view by default. For more information, refer to the Archive Meetings and Occurrences help guide.


The SCHEDULE section displays today’s meeting occurrences, but also allows you to scroll through the recent past and upcoming days that you have scheduled meeting occurrences.

Occurrences with a white background are in the past. Occurrences with a Yellow background are today. Occurrences with a grey background are in the future.

To scroll through the days, place your cursor inside the SCHEDULE section and use your mouse to scroll up and down, or use the scroll bar inside the SCHEDULE section.

Use the Today button to always jump back to today’s date.

Tip: Click on one of the Occurrences to open up the Occurrence details page in a new green tab.

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The category allows you to group your meetings together in a way that makes sense to you. This same grouping is also displayed for your actions on the My action items page. The category is specific to you, and not visible by other users.

When your MinuteMe account is created you will have a category called “Meetings”, and any meeting you are invited to will go into the “Meetings” category by default. When you create your own meeting, you can choose the name of the Category.

You can add and move meetings to a different category in a few different ways, as described below.

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On the My meetings dashboard

Here you can change the name of the current category by clicking the to edit the name.

You can change the name of the Meetings category, however next time you are invited to a meeting, a new Meetings category will be created automatically for you.


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In Edit Meeting mode

Here you can create a new category by typing it in the list and pressing Enter, or you can select another category in the list.


Permissions information:
The Edit Meeting form can only be accessed by a user with Admin access level. If you don’t have Admin access to the meeting, change the category in the meeting details page.

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In Meeting details page

Here you can click on the existing category name, and create a new category by typing it in the list and pressing Enter, or you can move the meeting to another category in the list.

Category in edit mode

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