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My action items

The My action items dashboard provides you a view of all open action items assigned to you – across all the meetings you attend.

The page is accessed from the My action items icon in the left navigation menu.

By default the Due (including overdue) items are displayed. Filters allow you to choose to view your action items based on their due date using the Due or Upcoming lists, or by the categories that the associated occurrences are in.

When action items are completed in this view, they are automatically removed from view, however they will still be accessible via the original occurrence where the action item was created, or the related meeting.

Each action item has a calendar icon which is a link to the exact topic where the action item was discussed – to give full context to the action item making it easier to remember why you had that action item assigned!

My action items


My Action items - Navigate to My action items.


Due/Upcoming action items - Shows the action items that are grouped by due and upcoming action items.


Grouped by categories - Shows the action items that are grouped by meeting.

Tip: Categories will only display if you have an open action item, in an occurrence, in that category


Topic name where the action item was created/ created date


Due date of action item if it has one


: Open specific minutes topic where the action item was created.
: Add/edit/delete comments.
: Click to change assignee
: Delete, Link action item.

Each action item can have comments added to it, to keep a running commentary of any future discussions, or for someone to indicate when they have completed the task.



The Action item’s name and assignee are displayed


Click to Delete a comment

Tip: Deleting a comment is permanent and there is no delete confirmation.


Checkbox for closing action item after adding comment.

If using one of the categories to filter related action items, you will see an additional link at the top of the list, which is a link directly to the Action Items sub-tab on the Meeting details page, where you can see all open action items across all occurrences of this meeting, including being able to access the closed items.

You can edit an action item by clicking on its title, and can click to mark it as complete.

My action items

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