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At MinuteMe®, we are all about meetings. The two key terms we use relating to meetings are series and meetings.


A series is a collection of meetings around a specific task/topic/event. Typically the series is defined with a regular repeating/recurring schedule, however it is possible that meetings in the series don’t occur regularly, but are still related to the same task/topic/event.

Series are created via the Add meeting buttons on the schedule dashboard and the series dashboard.

The series can have a regular meeting schedule (e.g. every Monday at 2:30pm), an ad-hoc meeting schedule, or a combination of both.


A meeting is an instance or occurrence of a series - or just a one-off meeting - that occurs on a specific date, at a specific time, and specific location.

Meetings are where you will spend the majority of your time entering data in MinuteMe - this is where the agenda, minutes and action items are added, and where you can make your private notes.

Meetings are created:

  • automatically by MinuteMe based on the repeating schedule defined in the series.
  • via the Add meeting buttons on the schedule dashboard and the series dashboard for ad-hoc and one-off meetings.
  • via the Add meeting to this series button on the Meeting details page for ad-hoc meetings.

Meeting details page

The meeting details page is the primary interface with series and meetings. The key features are highlighted in the picture below.

Key features from the meeting


Workspace and category for this series. Click to return to the dashboard for this category.


List of meetings in this series.


Details of this meeting.


Menu tabs used for managing the Agenda/Minutes, action items and documents for this meeting.


List of discussion topics for this meeting. Repeating topics (from the agenda template) are marked with a repeating symbol. Topics can be marked “complete” or “discussed” with the checkbox.


Send an agenda via email, create a PDF copy of the minutes for printing, or Create a PDF copy of the minutes and send via email.


Private notes - searchable notes for your eyes only.

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