MinuteMe plans

A Plan in MinuteMe is not linked with you as a user, but is linked with each workspace you use. Workspaces are created on the Basic plan, and can be upgraded to the Plus plan by a workspace Owner.

Plans guide

A workspace on the Basic plan is limited to 3 active recurring meetings at any one time, and a workspace on the Plus plan can have unlimited active recurring meetings.

Tip: Check out our pricing guide for a plan comparison.

Basic plan

The MinuteMe Basic plan is free. On the Basic plan your workspace can have:

  • up to 3 active recurring meetings
  • unlimited single meetings
  • unlimited meeting attendees
  • unlimited meeting history
  • unlimited users adding and updating meetings
  • access to all application features
  • integration with calendar and task management apps
  • integration with advanced business systems

To create a sixth recurring meeting, you’ll need to upgrade the workspace or archive an existing recurring meeting.

Plus plan

The Plus plan incurs a per active member, per month license fee. On the Plus plan your workspace can have:

  • all the features of the Basic plan
  • unlimited active recurring meetings

Workspaces on the Plus plan are charged monthly, in arrears, according to our Fair billing policy.

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What is an active meeting?

An active recurring meeting is a non-archived series that contains more than one meeting - whether those meetings are on an ad-hoc or scheduled recurrence.

A meeting that is archived is considered inactive, however its content is still accessible via specific filters. Read more in our Archiving series and meetings help guide.

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Fair billing policy

MinuteMe offers the “fair billing policy” where you’ll only be charged for the active members from the preceding month.

For example:

Your workspace is on the Plus plan and has 5 members made up of 2 Owners, 2 Members and 1 Guest.

In the first billing period, all 5 of these members logged into MinuteMe and updated Meetings and so you are charged for 4 active members (2 Owners and 2 Members).

During the second billing period, 1 Owner and 1 Member created or updated meetings and the Guest updated action items in MinuteMe - you are charged for 2 active members (1 Owner and 1 Member).

Who is an active member?

An active member, for the purpose of incurring a monthly license fee, is a member of your workspace who has a workspace access level of Member, Admin or Owner and who actively contributes to the platform by updating content.

A workspace Guest will not be chargeable as an active member, even if they actively contribute to the platform by updating content.

Some examples of actions that will make a member active are:

  • Adding a new meeting
  • Adding a topic to a meeting
  • Updating the minutes content
  • Adding, updating, completing or uncompleting an action item
  • Uploading a document
  • Adding private notes
  • Adding comments

Some examples of actions that will not make a member active are:

  • Updating minutes or action items and the user is a workspace Guest
  • Logging in and viewing minutes of past meetings
  • Being added to a meeting in the workspace to receive minutes of meetings

A workspace Owner is able to see an up-to-date list of active members during (and after) each monthly billing period using the monthly active members page.

A user who is an active member during the billing period and is subsequently changed to Guest access will be treated as an active member until the next billing period.

To learn more about managing billing and payments, refer to the billing and payments help guide.

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