Billing and payments

Each workspace in MinuteMe is linked with a Plan, and the plan determines whether you are required to provide a payment method or not. All workspaces are created on the Basic plan (which does not require any payment method to be registered), and can be upgraded to the Plus plan (which does require a payment method) by a workspace owner, via the workspace detail page.

Details of the workspace plan can be viewed by the workspace owners, on the workspace detail page.

Active meeting limit reached

If a workspace has reached its active meeting limit and a workspace owner tries to create another meeting in the workspace, they will see a message requiring the workspace be upgraded before the meeting can be created.

workspace limit hit message message

The message is slightly different for a workspace member if they try to create a meeting when it hits the limit - the message indicates the name of up to two workspace owners they can contact.

In order to create another series in the workspace, either archive an existing series or contact a workspace owner to upgrade the workspace.

Tip: While you wait for the workspace to be upgraded, you can create a Single meeting, and later convert it to a recurring series.

Upgrade or downgrade plan

The current plan of a workspace is displayed on the workspace dashboard and the workspace detail page of an individual workspace.

The workspace detail page also shows how many active meetings, and how many team members.


The workspace owners can upgrade to the Plus plan via the workspace detail page.

  1. Choose the workspace to be upgraded from the workspace dashboard.
    two workspaces in the workspace dashboard
  2. Click the Upgrade to plus button in the message box below the plan details section.
    profile menu option
  3. Enter your payment method and billing details.
    Upgrading workspace page
  4. Click Upgrade to plus to confirm.

Once the workspace is upgraded, you will be billed monthly in arrears, with the first charge to your credit card being one month after you have upgraded the workspace.


Your plan can be downgraded provided you have no more than 3 active recurring meetings. To achieve this, you may need to archive some of your active recurring meetings.

To downgrade your plan please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Workspace detail page and choose Manage payment details from the action menumenu icon next to the workspace name.

  2. Select Cancel plan on the current plan:
    Highlight downgrade on the payment details page

  3. Click Downgrade to the basic plan.

Tip: You’ll be invoiced and charged for the active users in the current period up to moment that you downgrade the plan.

Contact MinuteMe via the support bubble if you need any assistance.

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Billing history

MinuteMe provides all your past to current payments listed in the Billing section in the workspace detail page.
billing section on the workspace detail page

Clicking a row will take you to the monthly active members page.

The usage of the current period is updated hourly, and so the Month-to-date (MTD) amount is up-to-date as of the last hour. The amount displayed excludes any applicable local taxes.

Even though the Basic plan is free, we display it here so the workspace owner has an idea of the usage of a workspace. This will give you an indication of the active users from previous periods.

Tip: Only a workspace owner can see the Billing section on the workspace detail page.

Monthly active members

If you click one of the rows from the billing table it will take you to review the active members in the previous month or current billing period.

active members page


Dates of the billing period.


Total number of Active members during the billing period.


The amount paid (if viewing a previous period), or the minimum amount to be paid (for the current period) including any applicable local taxes.


List of Active members during the billing period, updated hourly.


List of Guest members during the billing period. (A workspace Guest will not be chargeable as an active member, even if they actively contribute to the platform by updating content).


Download invoice button, available when the billing period has ended.


View the history of active members in other billing periods.

Monthly billing cycle

The workspace’s monthly billing cycle commences from the moment the workspace is upgraded to Plus.

The credit card registered for the subscription will be invoiced and charged each month in arrears from this moment – i.e. after a billing period has finished and we have finalized the workspace’s active members during that period.

If the workspace’s plan is downgraded to Basic during a monthly billing cycle, we will charge for the members that have been active in the workspace up until the moment of downgrade.

Download invoices

To print or download a copy of the invoices, click the download invoice button in the top right corner of the active members page.
Download invoice button

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Update credit card details

The credit card charged for the workspace subscription is entered during the workspace upgrade process, and can be changed at any later time by any workspace owner.

If a workspace owner has left, then a new workspace owner will need to update the payment details of the workspace.

To update a workspace’s payment details:

  1. Choose Manage payment details from the action menumenu iconnext to the workspace title on the workspace detail page.
    Manage payment details page

  2. Click the credit card information from the payment method section.
    Payment details page

  3. Enter the card details, then click “Update details”.

Tip: The country associated with your credit card will determine if any applicable local taxes apply to your subscription.

Payment failed

Payments can fail for multiple reasons such as credit card expiry or insufficient funds. Workspace owners will be sent an in-app notification and will see the payment failed message or indicator on the Billing section of the workspace detail page.

We will send an email indicating the payment failed, and will automatically attempt to charge the credit card again in 3 days.

Payment failed indicator

If the error displayed requires you to update your credit card, refer to the section Update credit card details in this help guide.

If the problem persists, contact us via support bubble, and we’ll look into the issue for you.

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Payments Partner

MinuteMe partners with Stripe to provide secure invoicing and payment processing.

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