Library templates

Library templates facilitate the reuse of agenda topics across multiple series and meetings. Library templates can be applied to a series (where they become an Agenda template) or an individual meeting (where they become topics in the meeting).

Every user has their own Private templates library which are only available for your use. The templates in your Private templates library can be used across any series, meeting and workspace you have access to.

Workspace library templates are linked with a particular workspace and are available to be used by all members (other than Guests) of a workspace.

Permissions information:

Creating and editing Workspace library templates is for workspace admins only. All meeting admins can apply any workspace template to any meeting in that workspace but editing source templates can only be performed by a workspace owner or admin.

How to get to the Manage templates page

Library templates are managed using the Manage templates page which can be accessed several ways:

From your user avatar on the left vertical menu:

manage templates from profile options menu

Via the Manage templates link in the bottom left of the Apply template modal:

manage templates from apply template modal sidebar

From the Agenda template layover:

Agenda template layover highlighting the source template link

Viewing library templates

The template dashboard or Manage templates page lists all of your available templates across your Private template library and any team-based workspaces.

Tip: Agenda templates are managed via a meeting.

Templates dashboard showing multiple templates

Tip: Templates with the Draft label will not be available to be attached to a series or meeting until published.

Select a workspace name or Private templates in the left sidebar to filter templates by category, or select a template card in the right panel to open the Template detail page:

Template detail page showing the selected template

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Creating a library template

A Library template can be created from an existing Agenda template, from an existing Library template, or starting with a blank template.

A Library template is always created in a Draft state, which means it is only visible to you in the Template library, and is not available for adding to any meeting. When your edits are complete, you will Publish the template, making it available for use.

From an existing Agenda template

Open an existing Agenda template and choose Save to template library from the action menuaction menu iconnext to the Agenda template title in the Agenda template layover.

Agenda template layover displaying Save to template library dropdown option

From an existing Library template

Open an existing Library template and choose Clone template from the Edit template button drop. The template can be cloned to another template library or kept in the same library and renamed.

Tip: Only a Published template can be cloned.

From a blank template

Click Add template from the left sidebar or from the top right of the Manage templates page.

Add template buttons

Use the Choose template library to choose the library that the template will be created in.

Choose template library modal listing available workspaces and 'Private templates'

Enter a template title and optional description, add topics and any initial topic content.

Template detail page displaying new template in edit mode with emplty title, description and one blank topic
The initial topic content can be either:

  • Blank : Keep the content as empty but default the topic title and assignee.
  • Custom content : Type some static text to be the starting point for each meeting.

Tip: Whether the initial topic content is Blank or Custom content, selecting the Copy content forward to future meetings checkbox creates the starting point for the current meeting with any content from the same topic in the previous meeting. The topic title and assignee will be set based on the information entered here.

Changes are automatically saved as you make changes, however to make the template available for others to use it must be published. Click Publish template to make it available for others to use.

Read more in the Editing topics help guide.

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Editing an existing library template

Only workspace admins are able to edit workspace library templates. All users have their own Private templates library, these templates don’t require an edit step and any changes are available immediately without the need to publish.

Select the library template from the Manage templates page.

Manage templates list showing a library templates

Select Edit template from the button drop at the top right of the Template detail page.

Template detail view highlighting location of Edit template button

The template is now in draft mode and topics and content can now be modified.

Template detail view with template in edit mode

Tip: Changes are not available to any users until Publish template is selected.

Select Publish template to make the template changes available for applying to series and meetings.

When changes to a template are published, a notification will be provided in meetings that have used this template. Any Agenda template that was created from this Library template can be updated to realign with the template, however this is a manual step performed by a user with Admin access to a meeting. Read more in the Agenda template section of the Series help guide.

  • Select Cancel edit to abort and revert to pre-edit status.
  • Select Delete template to delete the template.

Tip: Performing this action will permanently delete a template and it will no longer be available for future use. Any meetings that have previously selected this template will not be affected.

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