MinuteMe product updates

Last updated: 7 Mar 2023 by Simon Steele

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March 2023

Agenda and Library template option to copy content forward

Agenda and Library template topics previously had an option to provide custom [static] content which would apply as the starting point for a topic’s content for each new meeting created in the series.

Now, you can start with the custom content from the template in the first meeting in the series, and thereafter copy the updated content from the topic in the current meeting forward to a subsequent meeting.

Read more about how to apply this setting when Editing the agenda template or Editing a library template.

February 2023

Save agenda/minutes to OneDrive

MinuteMe users who have logged in using Microsoft now have access to save agenda/minutes documents to a folder in OneDrive/Sharepoint.

This feature is available for workspaces on the Plus plan. A free 30 day trial of this feature is available to all Basic plan workspaces.

'Save PDF minutes to OneDrive' checkbox option displaying chosen file path

Read more about this new feature in the Integration with cloud storage services help guide.

January 2023

Send/Preview agenda without topic content

Topic content can now be removed from agenda emails and PDF’s prior to distribution via the Send agenda and Preview agenda modals.

Send agenda correspondence without topic content via Send minutes and Agenda preview modals.

Simple add event experience

The experience for adding a meeting from your linked Outlook 365 calendar or Google Calendar is now similar to that when adding a meeting directly to MinuteMe. This provides a consistent and simpler experience for creating remote calendar events in MinuteMe.

Refer to our November 2022 update for details of the simplified Add meeting experience.

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November 2022

Simple add meeting experience

We have implemented a greatly simplified add meeting experience with the introduction of our simple add meeting modal. By stripping back the information required to add a meeting to it’s simplest form, adding a new meeting can be done quicker than ever before. All the old functionality of the “Add/edit series” and “Add/edit meeting” modals still remains via the “More options” link in the footer of the new modal.

Simple add meeting experience

Move meeting to another series

In addition to the existing feature of moving meetings between workspaces, it is now possible to move a single meeting to another series irrespective of workspace.

Move meeting to other series

Add/Update meeting experience

We have improved the usability of the “Add/edit series” and “Add/edit meeting” modals. We have added more automation to remove some of the unnecessary fields - in particular if you only have a single workspace then you no longer need to make this choice when adding a new meeting.

Add/Update meeting experience

Along with this improvement comes the ability to set a Primary Workspace - if you have more than one.

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September 2022

Calendar dashboard

The Calendar dashboard has been updated to provide a consolidated view of the events from your Outlook or Google Calendar and your MinuteMe meetings.

The new dashboard gives you the freedom to choose which calendar events you want to hide in MinuteMe. There are also new filter options to view your “Hidden” or “Linked” events.

For quick access, the monthly calendar has been moved to the sidebar to access your daily meetings.

Schedule dashboard

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May 2022

Action items dashboard

Previously known as “My action items” which showed open Action items assigned to you - the Action items dashboard has been upgraded to give visibility to all open and recently closed Action items across all meetings you have access to.

Action items dashboard

The advanced filter options allow you to look for items based on status, assignee and title - not only the Action item title, but the title of the related topic, meeting or series.

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March 2022

Integration with Smokeball

Smokeball and MinuteMe have teamed together to improve the administration of law firm client Matter meetings. MinuteMe provides a solution to manage meetings in a more productive and effortless way, supporting lawyers to keep on top of their workload and reduce stress.

Read about our Smokeball integration in our help guide.

This feature is currently in beta:

MinuteMe are partnering with a group of beta customers to test the Smokeball integration. This is to iron out any bugs or issues, before making them available to everyone.

MinuteMe plans to roll out the Smokeball integration during May 2022.

An Introduction to MinuteMe meeting for new users

If you’re a new user to MinuteMe, you will now see an Introduction to MinuteMe meeting on your dashboard, when you first sign in.

The Introduction meeting is an interactive tutorial to give you some tips on how to get started with your meetings.

For existing users, you can view your Introduction meeting by using the Help menu in the navigation bar.

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February 2022

Ability to delete a series or meeting

Previously if you wanted to “delete” a meeting, you had to archive it. Archiving a meeting removes it from your views but it can still be retrieved.

If you have a meeting that you definitely want to delete, you can now permanently delete it. Read more

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January 2022

New pricing for the Plus plan that precludes Guests from being charged

As of Feburary 2022, Workspace Guests will no longer be billed a subscription fee even if they update content in your workspace.

The aim of this change is to allow teams to collaborate with people outside of their businesses and have more certainty of the subscription fees charged for the workspace. Read more

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December 2021

Display Action Items from previous meetings

With thanks to our users for their feedback in the recent user survey, we have added another popular feature request.

The Action Item section displayed below a topic’s content on the Meeting detail page has been updated to show (or hide) Action Items from the same topic completed since the previous meeting and still open from previous meetings in the series. The setting applies to your view only.

Show previous action items user interface

Use the Options menu to the right of the Add action item input to toggle the display of Show previous Action Items.

Display Action Item comments in minutes emails and PDF

Another popular feature request has been added allowing the display of Action Item comments in minutes emails and PDF correspondence.

This feature can be set as a default in the Add meeting modal and toggled on a per meeting basis when sending the minutes.

Send minutes modal, display action item comments in minutes option

With this option selected any comments added to an Action Item since the previous meeting will display below the Action Item in the Minutes email and PDF.

Minutes email example displaying action item comments

Improved editing experience when editing topic content

We’ve improved the experience of working with our rich text editor when updating agenda and minutes content.

  • The toolbar now has Undo and Redo buttons in addition to the existing keyboard shortcuts Cmd + z / y for Mac or Ctrl + z / y for Windows/Linux.

  • The table toolbar has new features:

    • Cut a whole row, and then Paste it above or below another row
    • Choose alignment options (Left/Right/Center, Top/Middle/Bottom)
    • Choose cell borders and background colours
    • Insert an “auto number” column at the start of the table
  • There is now a right click menu in the editor that allows:

    • Cut/Copy/Paste/Select all
    • Link options to convert text into a link, or edit an existing link
    • Table options to access the Cell/Row/Column/Table options, Sort rows in a table, Delete a table
    • List options to choose the start number for a numbered list

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November 2021

Agenda template improvements

With thanks to our users for their feedback in the recent user survey, we have improved the way changes to the Agenda template are applied to meetings.

The Agenda template is a convenient way to start your meeting with pre-populated agenda topics. The content for each pre-populated agenda topic can initially be blank, copied from the previous meeting, or taken from some static pre-provided content.

Now when you make changes to the Agenda template, they will automatically be applied to the current meeting and all future meetings - regardless of whether those future meetings have already had one-off topics added to them.

If you skip a meeting or have a one-off meeting with a different agenda, any agenda template topics that copy their content forward from the “previous meeting” will now find the previous meeting that had that same topic to copy the content from.

Increase in attachment size when sending Agenda/Minutes

We previously had a 10MB limit for attachments when sending the Agenda/Minutes.

This limit has now been increased to 20MB.

Additionally, if you have images in your minutes these are now optimized to reduce the size of the Agenda and Minutes PDF.

Adding Agenda topics and pressing Enter

We have changed the cursor behaviour when you add a new Agenda topic in the Add topic… input.

If you press Enter, the cursor will return to the Add topic… input so you can immediately add another topic.

If you press Tab, the cursor will move over to the content section so you can immediately add content for the new topic.

All users are selected when you Resend the Agenda or Minutes

Previously, when you went to resend the Agenda or Minutes, only you would be selected as the recipient by default.

Now when you resend the Agenda or Minutes, all users will be added as a recipient by default.

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September 2021

Google Calendar integration

Great news!
Now you can see your Google Calendar events in MinuteMe!

With our real-time Google Calendar integration you can:

  • View your up-to-date Google calendar events within MinuteMe
  • Link up Google Calendar events with existing MinuteMe meetings
  • Create Google Calendar events as meetings in MinuteMe without having to re-type any of your attendees or schedule
  • Keep the date/time and location of your MinuteMe meetings synchronised with your Google Calendar

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August 2021

Lookup your Google contacts

If you use our Sign in with Google option, you can now link up with your Google contact list to make it even easier to invite your colleagues and peers to a meeting.

The next time you add someone to a meeting, make sure you use the Google icon at the bottom of the Edit series or Edit meeting window to link up with your Google contacts.

Improved invitation acceptance process

When you invite someone new to a meeting, the email they receive now has an Accept invitation link that will allow them to accept the invitation in a single click. The email is also branded with your Workspace logo to help the invitee with the context of the invitation.

Additionally, if you have a pending invitation to join a workspace in MinuteMe, and you receive an agenda or minutes email, the email will contain a reminder link that you have a pending invitation to accept.

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July 2021

New send agenda/agenda PDF functionality

We’ve improved the experience of our Send agenda/Send minutes functionality by generating a content rich agenda email for your team members. We have also added the ability to generate a PDF copy that can be saved to your meeting and included in the agenda email sent to recipients.

Any content added to topics before the meeting start time is now included in the agenda email and PDF along with any open action items from previous meetings and meeting documents, making Send agenda a more powerful tool for your team.

The Send agenda feature is available prior to the meeting start time and then after the meeting has started the familiar Send minutes functionality becomes available.

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June 2021

New text editing experience

We have completely replaced our “rich text editor” - i.e. the editor you use when entering your minutes - to give you a much improved entry and editing experience.

MinuteMe rich text text editor

The new features this brings are:

  • Tables
  • Inline images
  • Emoji
  • Indented paragraphs and text alignment (e.g. center)
  • Pasting from Word / Outlook / OneNote keeping formatting
  • Bullets improvements
  • Block quotes (like in Slack - use >Space to trigger them with your keyboard
  • Improved collaboration (near-real-time updates while you’re editing the content, and indication of who is typing)
  • Ability to use @all to create an action item for all users in the meeting
  • Ability to enter minutes on mobile devices (from my.minuteme.com)
  • Support for Grammarly
  • Some new keyboard shortcuts (e.g. Alt + Arrow up (or Option + Arrow up) to move a bullet or paragraph up, some markdown such as #Space to start a heading, #text# for bold).

Read more in the Editing topics help guide.

New minutes PDF, minutes email and agenda email

We have modernised the technology used to write our emails and the minutes PDF. This brings some improvements such as inline action items being displayed in the right context within the text it was created in and support for the new rich text editing experience such as tables and inline images.

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May 2021

Add/update a new user’s display name

A new user’s display name can now be added and updated up until they first log into MinuteMe. This impacts the way their name is displayed across all meetings, meeting minutes (including the minutes PDF) and emails sent from MinuteMe.

The name can be added or updated by a Meeting Admin when viewing a series/meeting, or by a Workspace Admin/Owner within Manage workspaces. Read more.

Edit new users display name

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April 2021

Meeting attendance

Viewing meeting attendees, their access levels, and marking attendance for a meeting has improved with a total redesign of the attendee list in the meeting detail page. Read more.
Meeting detail view showing new attendance dropdown menu

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March 2021

Reusable Agenda templates - introducing “Library templates”

Another heavily requested feature… now you can create reusable agenda templates for use across all of your meetings!
agenda template menu in ellipsis menu

Library templates are an extension of the existing Agenda templates, that now facilitate the reuse of an agenda across multiple series and meetings. Workspace templates are for use across series and meetings for a particular workspace and Private templates are for your own use in any meeting.

The existing Agenda template functionality is still retained and is now accessed via the new Manage template link and managed on the new Agenda template overlay.

agenda template menu in ellipsis menu

Daily digest email

A redesigned more concise snapshot of today’s meetings, the Daily digest replaces the MinuteMe Meeting Preparation email.

Each day your Daily digest will list a schedule of today’s meetings including any open action items as well as a list of all open action items assigned to you across all of your meetings.

Keep an eye out for it in your inbox.

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January 2021

Mobile and tablet friendly MinuteMe

MinuteMe has undergone a redesign for use on mobile and tablet devices. This makes it much easier to use MinuteMe from your phone or tablet. Just use your browser on your device and go to my.minuteme.com.

Upload your team or organisation logo to your workspace

Upload your logo to your workspace so it’s visible in the dashboards and in the email/PDF minutes. Upload your logo on the Manage workspaces page by clicking on our default workspace logo.

Microsoft 365 contact search

If you have logged in using Microsoft, we will search your contacts when trying to add a person to a meeting.

NOTE: In order to provide this feature, we may require you to provide additional access the next time you log in via the Microsoft option.

Merging user accounts

If you have two different accounts in MinuteMe and would like to merge them together, we can now do this at your request.

This may have happened to you if your email address changed, or if you have multiple addresses with Microsoft/Google.

Just contact us via the bubble in the bottom right corner and ask.

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December 2020

Microsoft 365 Outlook calendar integration

Great news!
Now you can see your Outlook calendar events in MinuteMe!

With our real-time Microsoft 365 Outlook calendar integration you can:

  • View your up-to-date Outlook calendar events within MinuteMe
  • Link up Outlook calendar events with existing MinuteMe meetings
  • Create Outlook calendar events as meetings in MinuteMe without having to re-type any of your attendees or schedule
  • Keep the date/time and location of your MinuteMe meetings synchronised with your Outlook calendar

Multiple assignees for an action item

Our most heavily requested feature of all time… now you can have multiple assignees for a single action item!

Bear in mind - it is only a single action item, so when one person marks it complete - it is complete.

This also works with your Microsoft To Do and Google Tasks integration so each assignee will have the action item synchronised with their remote task system.

Onboarding experience for new users

If you are a new user to the MinuteMe platform and are signing in without an invitation to an existing meeting, we will use your email domain to see if you are trusted by any existing workspaces and give you an option to request to join those workspaces.

If your email domain is not trusted by an existing workspace, we will ask if you want to create a team workspace or continue with a personal workspace.

Ability to hide your personal workspace

If you don’t use your personal workspace, and only use MinuteMe for work, you can hide your personal workspace.

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November 2020

Creating agenda topics for a new meeting

We’ve improved the experience of adding agenda topics after you create a new meeting. You’re given the option to add a new topic for this meeting, or go to the agenda template to create topics applicable for this and all future meetings in the series.

Improved Outlook meeting link modal

Linking a meeting from your Outlook calendar has now become much easier. We’ve simplified the layout and provided more information to help in the matching experience.

Read about our Outlook calendar integration in our help guide.

This feature is currently in beta:

MinuteMe are partnering with a group of beta customers to test the Outlook calendar integration. This is to iron out any bugs or issues, before making them available to everyone.

MinuteMe plans to roll out Outlook calendar integration to everyone during November 2020.

Meeting members and roles

We’ve improved the experience of viewing and updating the Members and roles of a meeting and workspace.

In the Edit meeting and Edit series modals (accessible by a meeting admin when you use Edit users for this meeting and Edit users for this series), you’ll see an indicator that New users will be sent an invitation.

In the Workspace detail page, when managing a workspace, the status of an ‘inactive’ permission is displayed with a new indicator.

For a pending meeting invitation, you can click on the status to resend the invitation.

Meeting length displayed on dashboards

Rather than showing the end time of a meeting, we’re now showing the duration. This is most obvious on the Calendar dashboard.

Details of who added a topic, and when

Using the action menumenu icon on a topic, you can now identify who added the topic, and when it was added.

October 2020

Online meeting link

Add a URL for your online meeting platform to the new Online meeting link field when you add/edit meetings.

Half an hour before the meeting starts, the Print/Send Minutes button turns into a Join meeting link so you can directly join the online meeting from within MinuteMe.

Read more

Filter on series dashboard

You are now able to filter by series title on the meeting series dashboard.

Filter members when assigning a topic owner or action item assignees

When assigning a topic owner or action item assignee in a meeting that has many attendees, you can now type a member’s name to filter the list.

Microsoft 365 Outlook calendar integration

Great news!
Now you can see your Outlook calendar events in MinuteMe!

With our real-time Microsoft 365 Outlook calendar integration you can:

  • View your up-to-date Outlook calendar events within MinuteMe
  • Link up Outlook calendar events with existing MinuteMe meetings
  • Create Outlook calendar events as meetings in MinuteMe without having to re-type any of your attendees or schedule
  • Keep the date/time and location of your MinuteMe meetings synchronised with your Outlook calendar
This feature is currently in beta:

MinuteMe are partnering with a group of beta customers to test the Outlook calendar integration. This is to iron out any bugs or issues, before making them available to everyone.

MinuteMe plans to roll out Outlook calendar integration to everyone during November 2020.

September 2020

Payments and Billing

Workspace owners can now upgrade a workspace to the Plus plan to create unlimited meetings. Read more.

Workspace owners can view a list of the active members of a workspace. The active members are those who actively contribute to MinuteMe by updating content.

August 2020

Workspace member page

You can remove workspace members via the workspace member page:

  • If the workspace member has access to meetings of which they are the only user with admin permissions, you need to either:
    • assign the meeting admin permission to an existing user from the meeting or workspace; or
    • archive the meeting
  • If the member does not have access to any meetings of which they are the only user with admin permissions, they can be removed immediately.

Dashboard improvements

We’ve made small changes on the Calendar dashboard which gives huge usability improvements!

Now the calendar dashboard has:

  • A new Go to today button next to the calendar icon to quickly get you back to today’s meetings after you’ve scrolled to another day.
  • A lighter text color on Days/meetings that have already ended.
  • An indication of how many days or weeks ago each days is to help you know where you are, when you’re scrolling a big list of meetings.

July 2020


A Workspace is a grouping of meetings that are owned by a specific group/team/organization. Every user has their own personal workspace, and you can create as many other workspaces you like, depending on the groups/teams/organizations you work in:

  • For a smaller business or a community group, you may just have a single workspace for your whole team.
  • For a larger business or enterprise, you may create a workspace for a specific project, team or department.

Meetings in a workspace are accessed via the Schedule and Series dashboards.

The main features you need to know as a user:

  • Every meeting created in MinuteMe is created within a Workspace - either your personal workspace, or a group/team/organization-based workspace.
  • If your access to a workspace is removed, you will no longer have access to any meeting within the workspace.
  • If you leave a workspace, you will no longer have access to any meeting within the workspace.
  • You can move meetings to other workspaces.
  • Once you are a member of a workspace, you no longer have to accept invitations to meetings you’re invited to in the workspace.

The additional features you need to know as a super-user:

  • Workspaces have members and guests - every person invited to a meeting will automatically become either a member (if their email address is in the workspace’s trusted email domain list) or a guest of the workspace:
    • Members can: create meetings in the workspace, update any meeting they have write access to, and view any meeting they have view access to.
    • Guests can: update any meeting they have write access to, and view any meeting they have view access to.
  • Removing a user from a workspace removes all their access to all the meetings they had in the workspace.
  • Workspaces have admins who can add and remove users from a workspace via the new Manage workspaces page.
  • Workspaces have owners who can enter the billing details and set trusted email domains in a workspace via the new Manage workspaces page.
  • Access to meetings is still set by a meeting admin user.
  • Workspace admins and owners have no access to meetings in the workspace, unless invited by a meeting admin.

Preferred homepage

We allow you to set your preferred dashboard as the default home page. Regardless of which workspace, or which category, or whether you prefer the series dashboard over the calendar dashboard - you set your home page so it’s there when you log in.

Accept all notifications

One click to accept all your unread notifications! Yes please! Here it is.

June 2020

New MinuteMe

You’ll notice MinuteMe has a new look and feel!
With this major update, our goal is to offer easier ways to locate, create and hold your meetings.

Meeting terminology

There are some changes of terminology you need to know :




Collection of meetings around a specific topic/event/client. Read more


Instance or occurrence of a series. Read more


Personalised grouping of series or one-off meetings. Read more


Personalised grouping of meetings

New icons
We’ve introduced several new icons as described below:



calendar dashboard icon

Calendar dashboard

series dashboard icon

Series dashboard

repeating icon

Repeating series or meeting

archived icon

Archived series or meeting

category icon


tag icon


calendar icon


topic template icon

Repeating topic from the agenda template

private note icon

Private notes

quickswitch icon

Quick switcher for easy access to meetings you’ve recently viewed

Calendar dashboard

We’ve upgraded your meeting schedule into a full-page dashboard. Here you’ll find all your meetings by their date. You can see what’s on today, tomorrow or in the past.

Learn more about the Calendar dashboard.

Series dashboard

We have extracted the series cards from the old dashboard, into its own separate dashboard. Here you’ll find your meetings displayed by their series name.

Learn more about the Series dashboard.

New meeting creation experience

When you add a new meeting from your dashboards, you will choose which type of meeting - i.e. a series or a single meeting.

Learn more about adding a meeting.

Easier to find meetings using categories and tags

Categories previously existed, but were much harder to use. So we’ve made them easier to use. Categories are for your own personal grouping of your series.

Category : used to group related series together. Read more

Tag : used to help you find a specific meeting using a key phrase you set up. Read more

Viewing all meetings in a series

We have completely revamped the meeting details page and included a sidebar to give you easy access to the past, next up-coming, and future meetings in a series, regardless of whether they are scheduled or ad-hoc meetings.

Learn more about the new Meeting details page.

Quick switcher

The quick switcher replaces the old tab system, giving you quick access to the list of meetings you’ve recently viewed, so you can easily jump between them.

Add colors to the text

Our minutes content “Rich Text editor” now allows you to change text and highlight color. This was one of the most requested features so far.

Lock previous meeting

If your meeting occurs in the past, the minutes will be locked to prevent you accidentally updating the wrong meeting.
You can unlock the minutes using the unlock button that appears on the meeting details page.

October 2019

New minutes editing experience

We’ve upgraded our editing experience with a new Rich Text Editor, and it has the following improvements:


New shortcut keys such as:

<*><space> at the start of a line will automatically start bullets
<number><.> at the start of a line will automatically start (or continue) numbering


Ability to reset the formatting with a new Clear Formatting button


Ability to enter friendly text for a URL


A floating formatting toolbar if your minutes are longer than a screen


Introduction of Strikethrough, Superscript and Subscript formatting


Automatically delete action items that were created 'inline' if the 'inline' text that created the action item is deleted from the editor.


Produces clickable links in the generated minutes PDF

If you encounter any issues with your new editing experience, please contact us through the help bubble in the bottom right corner.

Close action after adding comment

When adding a comment to an action item, you can choose to close the Action item at the same time as adding the comment.

Mobile app banner

If you open the MinuteMe sign in page on a mobile device, you’ll see the banner to link to the App Store / Play Store.

August 2019

Add message in minutes/agenda email

Ability to add a message to the email recipients when sending minutes or agenda emails.

Learn more

Move or copy a minutes topic to other occurrence

This feature is to enable you to move or copy a minutes topic, and all it’s content, from one occurrence to another.
You may find this useful to use the same content from one week, as the starting point of minutes for the next week. Or if you just entered the content against the wrong week’s meeting!

Learn more

Default agenda template

Topics on the Agenda Template can now automatically retrieve content from the previous meeting. Go to your Agenda Template and look for the new setting on each topic.

Learn more

July 2019

Mobile app

MinuteMe mobile version is a companion to the MinuteMe web app at https://my.minuteme.com. The mobile app has the following main features:


Reviewing the minutes of past meetings


Reviewing and updating agenda topics for your upcoming meetings


Creating action items during a meeting


Attaching documents to a meeting


Taking a photograph of a masterpiece you did on a whiteboard during a meeting - and attaching it to the meeting minutes.


Reviewing your open action items, and marking them complete

Notes in Microsoft To-Do now sync back to MinuteMe (as a comment against the action item)

When replicating from Microsoft To-Do back to MinuteMe, the notes you entered against the task in Microsoft Tasks / Microsoft To-Do will be copied into a MinuteMe comment, for the related action item.

Link action items

When you Link an action item to another meeting, it will be displayed during the Action Item Review for the other meeting, reminding you to discuss it.

Create action item as a new topic

If you wish to expand the discussion of an action item to a full agenda topic, you can choose Create as new topic from the Action item’s Action menu.