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What’s New in MinuteMe

last updated: 19 July 2019 by Skye Park


Mobile App

MinuteMe mobile version is a companion to the MinuteMe web app at https://my.minuteme.com. The mobile app has the following main features:


Reviewing the minutes of past meetings


Reviewing and updating agenda topics for your upcoming meetings


Creating action items during a meeting


Attaching documents to a meeting


Taking a photograph of a masterpiece you did on a whiteboard during a meeting - and attaching it to the meeting minutes.


Reviewing your open action items, and marking them complete

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Move or copy a minutes topic to other occurrence

This feature is to enable you to move or copy a minutes topic, and all it’s content, from one occurrence to another.
You may find this useful to use the same content from one week, as the starting point of minutes for the next week. Or if you just entered the content against the wrong week’s meeting!

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Notes in Microsoft To-Do now sync back to MinuteMe (as a comment against the action item)

When replicating from Microsoft To-Do back to MinuteMe, the notes you entered against the task in Microsoft Tasks / Microsoft To-Do will be copied into a MinuteMe comment, for the related action item.

When you Link an action item to another meeting, it will be displayed during the Action Item Review for the other meeting, reminding you to discuss it.

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Create action item as a new topic

If you wish to expand the discussion of an action item to a full agenda topic, you can choose Create as new topic from the Action item’s Action menu.

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We did some visual and functional improvements which you’ll love. Check what has been changed !


Top menu

Changed styling of help and notification centre icons.

Notification centre styling of read/unread messages

Created an indicator for unread message and improved the readability of read/unread messages.

Action item row and review

Action Item / Action Item Review look and feel improvements